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Video Link 1 "Einfach genial" MDR 22/04/2014


Video Link 2   Crowd funding Jan. 2014


Video Link 3   NUIM Maynooth Feb. 2013


Video Link 4   Interview  Oct. 2013


Video Link 5   Athy Mens Shed Nov. 2013


Video Link 6   Berliner Fahrradschau Mar. 2014

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Discover the new way of cycling
The bicycle is without doubt one of the greatest inventions of modern times. There are more bicycles in use on the planet than any other means of transport. We all know how they look and how they work, that did not change for hundred years until now. Here comes the MAYNOOTHBIKE and it is different. OK, it still has two wheels in line, you would not change that but why pedal in a circle? Why have the pedals underneath your body and when cycling having your body bent forward? Why would you sit on an uncomfortable saddle which is too high to reach the ground? Have a closer look and discover the benefits of this new bicycle concept.

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